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Leica Pegasus:Two






Your one complete mobile mapping solution: Digitizing while on the move
Leica Geosystems is setting a new standard in the industry: We offer the first complete mobile mapping solution from a single provider, including software for the capture, post-processing, and storing of the gathered data. Customers worldwide rely on the values a reknowned and well respected brand like Leica Geosystems has to offer.


Leica Geosystems mobile mapping solution Leica Pegasus:Two uses a laser scanner (or several scanners) in combination with GNSS receivers, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and a Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI) on a mobile platform (vehicle) to acquire accurate and precise spatial data.
Bounded only by your imagination – vehicle independent, data economical, multiple sensory platform
Leica Pegasus:Two is a complete mobile mapping solution from hardware to object extraction from Leica Geosystems. The Leica Pegasus:Two solution provides an integrated hardware platform including cameras and lidar profilers with an external trigger and sync output for additional sensors. Simply fly-in, collect, then fly-out – no dedicated, modified vehicles are required – batteries included, measure the unlimited.

Leica Pegasus:Two - Nothing forgotten
The Leica Pegasus:Two solution captures calibrated imagery and point cloud data together – assuring that no object is forgotten. Capturing full 360° spherical view and lidar together means you never forget an object or return to a project site. Leica Pegasus:Two provides an optional rear road camera for pavement analysis providing options to grow your business – collect once, sell twice.

Leica Pegasus:Two - Complete and easy
Enabled by a complete software workflow including data acquisition, calibration, Novatel enabled post-processing, object extraction, and a GISenabled configurable layered storage – the Leica Pegasus:Two is your single, easy answer. A hardware light sensor assures the operator that all images are useable after post-processing. Capture to extract – your only tool needed.

Main features

  • Fully calibrated imagery and point cloud data
  • 7 cameras for full dome Imagery allows for city modelling
  • Easily extract features and line work from Imagery AND Point Cloud data
  • Mobile Scanner can be mounted on any vehicle without modification
  • Scanners and profilers can be added separately, after purchase, and calibrated by the user
  • Utilise powerful functions in Esri® ArcGIS for Desktop
  • Enhanced imagery capture using automatic light sensor
  • External trigger output and external time stamping for additional sensors
  • Most advanced GNSS receiver leverages global constellations
  • Economical with data - balances data quantity and quality, with project logistics and postprocessing



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