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Leica GeoMoS Now!

Leica GeoMoS Now! Review and share real-time monitoring data via a secure, custom made website.

Customise, connect and stay in control


Create your monitoring web site

  • Intuitive and easy to configure graphs, images, maps, tables and deformation scans, no knowledge of web design needed
  • Geodetic and geotechnical monitoring measurements and results in combination with GIS shape files and raster data
  • Support of additional dataset layers, customized views to overlay datasets
  • Use with any web device (PC, tablet, smart-phone)

Visualize and react in real-time

  • Total, round the clock access to monitoring data
  • Deformation status view
  • Automatic reporting
  • Manage, analyze and distribute the key information after a simple setup
  • Allows early detection and fast reaction preventing potential risks and costs
  • Make fast and informed decisions based on real-time data

Flexible and secure user Access

  • Available on-premises and in the cloud
  • Multiple subscription options to meet the various user profiles
  • Full control over access rights and authorization levels
  • Individual setup for each user, unlimited number of projects in use
  • Meets different needs of various users such as engineers, experts, managers, etc.
  • Integrated into the Leica Geosystems monitoring solution

Release Notes
Leica GeoMoS Now! - Release Notes


Visualizing tools

  • Dashboard displays the most important graphics of the monitoring project in one web page
  • See your monitored points on images or maps
  • Easy management of measurements and result data
  • Quick and easy navigation to information
  • Zooming in graphs supported
  • Download raw data from the graphs

Supported graph types:

  • Timeline graphs including limit levels
  • Scatter
  • Vector
  • Bar and null-bar
  • Circular level
  • Contour
  • Profile
  • Webcam
  • External web images

Automatic reporting

  • Create PDF reports with a defined content
  • Schedule reports (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Download reports or receive reports via email

Remove outlier

  • Remove outliers from any graph
  • Outliers are hidden from viewed graphs and reports

Secure Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Personalized and secure data access
  • No need to maintain your own IT infrastructure and software
  • Physical and electronic security of data
  • Protection against misusage

Adjusts to your style

  • All views and graphs can be customized by the administrator with self-explanatory wizards
  • Customize the units for measurement, time setting and time zones
  • Easy translation based on XML files
  • Load your own company logos and links
  • Create your own login page with a re-direct URL
  • Change your design with different colors
  • Select your background theme

Multiple users

  • Editor and observer user level
  • Access rights can be set individually so only authorized personal can view your sensitive data
  • Restrict access to monitoring data and menus

Future proof

  • Integrated into the Leica Geosystems monitoring solution

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