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senseFly eBee

The eBee sets the standard for easy flight planning and management thanks to its acclaimed eMotion software. Just choose or create your preferred background map. Then use this to define the region you want to map. Next, simply specify your desired ground resolution (down to 1.5 cm / 0.6 inches per pixel) and set your required image overlap.

The rest is automatic: eMotion automatically generates a full flight plan, based on GPS waypoints, calculates the eBee’s required altitude and displays its projected trajectory.

Nothing is easier to operate than the eBee. Just shake the drone three times to start its motor, then throw it into the air—no catapult or additional accessories required!

The eBee’s eMotion software displays the aircraft’s key flight parameters, its battery level and its image acquisition progress, in real time, while the artificial intelligence inside the eBee Ag’s autopilot continuously analyses onboard IMU and GPS data to control and optimise every aspect of the drone’s flight.

This proprietary autopilot also manages a wide range of intelligent failsafe behaviours, improving safety and security still further. Need to make an adjustment? Reprogram the drone’s flight plan and landing zone mid-flight. Or in the case of any issue, tell it to immediately hold its position, return home or land.



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