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The deeper or steeper open pit mines become, the more unstable their walls and slopes will be. With the safety of workers at risk and equipment threatened, safely long-term monitoring slopes around-the-clock is a necessity. With early detection, accidents can be prevented. With long-term analysis, pits design can be optimized.

The IBIS-FMT brings all the unrivalled features of the IBIS technology, on a fully equipped, autono-mous and weatherproof trailer. The FMT, which provides a one-touch setup for fast deployment, is the perfect device when a tactic or strategic monitoring of different sectors through time has to be performed.

The IBIS-FMT radar system accurately monitors multiple scales of displacements in real time, from early detection of slow movements to fast accelerations associated with slope collapse. The great operative range, up to 4500 m, allows to safely deploy the system in comfortably accessible areas, without exposing people and equipment to hazardous zones. Thanks to the most advanced automatic algorithms on the market, IBIS-FMT delivers reliable and accurate data in all weather conditions. With this detailed information, appropriate action can be taken early enough and minimise the effects caused by possible slope failures on a mine’s productivity.

IBIS-FMT offers monitoring specialists:
  • Rapid installation when urgent active monitoring is required,
  • Continuously measurement of mine wall/slope movements with sub-millimetre accuracy from distanc-es of up to 4 km,
  • Reliable early alerts for progressive wall/slope movements to help avoid potential slope failure;
  • Mapping the long term evolution of slow moving slopes.

Adaptable and durable IB Features

    The IBIS-FMT system offers open pit mines cutting-edge radar technology with the following cutting-edge features:

    • Highest spatial resolution: 0.5 m x 4.4 m resolution cell @1 km, resulting in the detection of smaller failure areas.
    • Longest operating range: From 10 m and up to 4500 m.
    • Extremely broad coverage of pit walls: Can cover an area of approximately 5 km2 @ 2 km.
    • Low acquisition time: Only a few minutes for a full resolution scan at long range (2 minutes @2 km).
    • Long term monitoring: Either through permanent installations away from blasting restricted areas or by precise repositioning of the system.
    • Completely automated operation: using solar panels and batteries, with diesel generator as back-up.
    • High in-service availability: limited moving parts and low maintenance help keep down-time to a minimum.
    • Fully remote operation: via wireless radio link.
    • State-of-the-art atmospheric correction: the first and most advanced automatic algorythms in the market to provide always reliable results.
    • Fully tested in harsh mining environments.

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