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Leica Jogger Series

 Our most economical Automatic Levels designed specifically for general construction applications.

Fit for Work – Great features and great performance:

  • Choice of magnification: 20x/24x/28x or 32x 
  • Automatic, air-damped compensator
  • Smooth, double-sided endless fine drive for easy and precise targeting
  • Horizontal circle with 360° division

Fit for Work – Quality and Endurance:

  • Water resistant (IP54) for instrument use under harsh environmental conditions
  • 1 year warranty and access to the worldwide Leica Geosystems network of service and support centres

Fit for Work – Great Jogger package:
Tripod and staff are important parts of any levelling equipment. Get better results with approved original Leica Geosystems tripods and staffs. Ask for the original Leica Jogger package.

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