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IBIS Dispatch is a single integrated software platform providing dispatch operators with all the alarm state information coming from IBIS units in a user-friendly and intuitive...[ Read more ]


A microwave interferometry based system for remote static and dynamic monitoring, IBIS-FS interferometric radar is used on bridges and other structures including buildings,...[ Read more ]


The deeper or steeper open pit mines become, the more unstable their walls and slopes will be. With the safety of workers at risk and equipment threatened, safely long-term...[ Read more ]


The IBIS-FL interferometric radar is a highly innovative technology for 2D monitoring of displacements and movements in slopes and structures. Required to prevent or forecast...[ Read more ]


IBIS-FB is a revolutionary remote monitoring system, designed to support the assessment of mine blasting. From remote distances, the IBIS-FB safely monitors blast-induced...[ Read more ]


The use of slope monitoring radar is now the standard practice for the active monitoring of slope in open pit mines and for safety critical Landslide monitoring with the aim of...[ Read more ]

FM360 TrueVector

Imagine a solution capable of resolving in real time any qualitative and quantitative information regarding the stability of a pit at any temporal and spatial scale. Imagine...[ Read more ]

Eagle Vision Camera

The Eagle-Vision camera offers mining companies visual understanding of entire pits in minute detail, from a safe distance. High resolution images with panoramic coverage and...[ Read more ]